Choose from a wide selection of fine Costa Rican Coffee. Now you can also taste and enjoy the finest Costa Rican Coffee by Cafe Rey. Order now Costa Rican Coffee. Conveniently from your home or office

Cafe Rey is a company with 50 years of experience, with a sound projection to the future, based on knowledge, coffee production tradition, and commitment to the quality of its products. With a background of 40 years in our company, this variety has been embraced as a true Costa Rican tradition. The volume of Cafe Rey Tradicional exceeds in 50% coffee consumption on Costa Rica.

Day after day, our company produces the quality distinguishing each and all of the coffee varieties that we take to the table of many families in the entire world. Thus, in every detail of the process we express our capacity and responsibility of promoting the values of a culture that is passed from generation to generation.

We are a company expert in its field, which has enriched its coffee tradition with a sound structure based on the implementation of state-of-the-art technology, international regulated environmental protection systems, and diversification of products suitable for the varied expectations of our customers.

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On 2003 for a limited time we sold Café Sánchez Whole Bean. Due to the popularity of this promotion, we requested a limited production run of 720 units to the factory, and we have them available now for ordering on our website. Due no the nature of this promotion, it's offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

We have no future plans at the moment to request another Whole Bean batch, so order soon! If Whole Bean is not displayed as an option when you are ordering, it means our stock has run out.

We are discounting Café Sánchez price 5% while our Whole Bean stock lasts. Cafe Sánchez cases (12 units) are discounted an additional 20% (buy a case, save 25% of the list price)